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Life is creative. It plays itself into existence, seeking out new relationships, new capacities, new traits. Life is an experiment to discover what’s possible. As it tinkers with discovery, it creates more and more possibilities. With so much freedom for discovery, how can life be anything but playful? ~from A Simpler Way by Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers

Spring provides no better evidence of life’s creativity and playfulness. We humans try to control too much. We fear too much. Life is meant to unfold. There are always new possibilities. Our challenge is to get ourselves and our “plans and goals” out of the way so we can see the possibilities, the better opportunities, before us. I don’t believe in destiny. Time is linear. Time travel is science fiction and prophesy is only a literary tool. I do believe in synchronicity and opportunity and creativity and free-will. I believe in forks-in-the-road and choosing “the one less traveled”. When I begin a sculpture I have an idea, an intention, that wishes to be expressed. Yet, I allow the sculpting process to unfold. I let my creating interact with the created; allowing the unexpected to become purposeful and abandoning original intent when something better emerges. I wish I was better at that in life. I believe that God, among many other unfathomable things, is THE Creator and S/He continues to create everywhere within every moment of existence. When we humans create it is an expression of God’s impulse within us. James Gabbert May 2009

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