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Mtn Sea and Sky 2

Mtn Sea and Sky 2


Bronze with marble base | 40"h x 18" x 12" + base: 18" x 12" x 2"h | Edition of 12


When I posted Mtn Sea and Sky 1 on my website in 2010 I mentioned it was a theme I would be repeating. That statement had been haunting me, and as I looked at my first Mtn Sea and Sky I struggled to imagine how I could re-imagine this theme differently. It took three years, but here it is. The comparison is an expression of the evolution of my style. While I am still fond of Mtn Sea and Sky 1, I am now generally "looser" and feel freer to utilize exaggeration of the human form to express the intention of the work. I am not abandoning the application of the more proportional human figure in my works, but, I am feeling freer to exaggerate if it serves my intention

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.
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