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The Cosmic Dance of Terra and Luna

The Cosmic Dance of Terra and Luna


24 in. x 20 in. x 17 in. || Material: Bronze || Edition of 2

The Earth and the Moon have been doing a cosmic dance for eons. It has been theorized that this unique pairing, and the tides it creates, was a key factor in the formation and evolution of life on earth.

The moon has fascinated us earth-bound humans before we were "human". Our arts are filled with images of the moon. The moon is a central character in our mythology. Lunar cycles affect what we do and when we do it. We need each other. We are mated for eternity in this relationship, in this cosmic dance. This work is an attempt at anthropomorphizing this relationship.

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.
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