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Bouncing Ball for a Children's Hospital

Here are the sketches I did for a proposal I made in response to a "Call for Artists" by a children's hospital. It wasn't a finalist, but, I think it would have been great. In keeping with the playful and fanciful art that already at the Children's Hospital I proposed a very site specific sculpture utilizing the most iconic of all children's toys, the ball. Imagine a large blue ball rolling down the center portion of the atrium roof, watching it roll off and bounce three times until it lands with a splash in a puddle. This is the expression of my sculpture. While this work of art is whimsical and fun and childish it is also beautiful in form and proportion. Car passengers driving in and out along the entry driveway will experience a sense of motion. Upon entering the hospital the water affect will capture their attention. Their eyes will be drawn up along the rhythmic arches, being able to look down the entire sculpture and receive and additional visual surprise as they observe the ball on its way down the atrium roof. It also has an intriguing view from the side parking lots, clearly you see the strobe-light-photograph-of-the-ball-in-motion experience. Elliptical arches would follow the trajectory of the bouncing ball. Periodically the ball's movement would be captured at certain points in its trajectory. It may be the reminiscent of a long exposure photograph of a bouncing ball taken with a strobe light. Sequentially, the first time you see the ball is on its path is on the atrium roof. Second ball is located when it comes down past the main entrance and arrives on the entrance driveway median. This is also where the trajectory arcs begin. More balls are added to the elliptical arches that follow. The fifth and final ball lands in the already designated "water feature" area.

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.

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