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Double Helix as a fountain

For me there is no better evidence of a "creative intelligence" that evolved the universe with beauty and grace than to see the form of DNA. How incredible! How ingenious! What a miracle life is in its diversity and its beauty. DNA is sculptural. It is elegant and graceful. In this work I have humbly tried to capture the essence of the beauty of the DNA and its fullest expression through a man and a woman completing the line and form through their bodies and continuing the double helix up through their hands and fingers. The incorporation of the water elemental has continued to evolve from the initial conception through the sculpting process. This is the first work in 2009 that I would consider the element of water to be not absolutely necessary to the work. I like the way it looks dry. On the other hand, I believe the element of water adds so much more. Water often symbolizes "life", so what better element to add than to fill this sculpture with "life". I created this work with no particular place or client in mind. I would envision a work like this located at the entrance or lobby of a medical company or institution that works in the field of genetics.

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.

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