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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice [@ Sun's Zenith @45 degrees Latitude] || Material: Wax and wire as a sketchThis is a very quick sketch concept. It would be created for a very site specific because it is highly dependent upon astronomical details. Like Stonehenge and other ancient examples this work is intended to recognize a specific moment in time, this model represents the moment on June 22 (summer solstice) at 12 noon (or 1PM in daylight savings time) when the sun is at its highest at 45 degrees latitude. This moment in time would be identified by the hand of the high figure (Noon) touching the hand of the low figure (Midnight). This piece celebrates the summer solstice.This same concept could be done to celebrate most any day and/or moment in time desired by the patron (as long as the sun is in the sky at that time). For example: The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918 is the moment when World War I came to an end. A Remembrance Day memorial could be constructed using this concept. It could be used to celebrate any important date such as the birth or death of a notable individual or the moment of a specific event. I would envision the individual human figures attitudes changing based on the specific statement desired.This piece, Summer Solstice, has two circles. The horizontal circle represents the horizon and the more vertical circle represents the path of the sun on the specific day. This piece has four figures Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Midnight. Dawn and Dusk would be placed in the appropriate points along the horizon where the sun would rise and fall on the day of summer solstice. Though it was not designed into this specific sketch it would be possible for the alignment of the figures to celebrate the moment of sunrise and sunset as well, if the location of the installation allowed a clear view of those astronomical events.I am not an astronomer though I have always watched the motion of the sun, moon, planets, and stars with interest. I would need the assistance of an astronomer to identify the appropriate angles and degrees for any installation. This would be a very exciting project for me because I have not seen this kind of connection of art and astronomy. Perhaps there are such works. If there are I would certainly like to know about them. Too often art created in this era has gotten "small". It relates to nothing but itself or one specific thing. There's nothing wrong with that exploration, but, what seems to have been rarely grasped is the opportunity to be "big". To have works of art that needs examination and contemplation and consideration of a larger idea... or a larger universe. This work is one opportunity to do so.

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.

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