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Transfiguration is about becoming. Transfiguration is intended to be a major work placed in a city park or corporate campus. The human figures are intended to be at least life size and placed in a reflecting pool with fountain capability. For the purposes of this sketch I have utilized pipe cleaners to represent fountain water. The full installation would require the reflecting pool to be approximately 75 feet in length and the spacing between figures would be somewhat greater than depicted here. The sketch images present the figures in a long rectangular reflecting pool. An installation could be made in almost any shaped reflecting pool as long as there was sufficient space to show the linear progression of each figure. It is also possible, and appropriate, within the vision of this work that a progression of pools, one spilling into the next, could hold the series of figures. Each figure can be considered a standalone work. However, the true value of this work is in the juxtaposition of each figure to the next and the progression of figures that create the complete work. It is my hope that a complete installation as it is envisioned can be accomplished someday. Transfiguration is composed of ten elements: 1. Womb 2. Curiosity 3. Discovery 4. Wonder 5. Joy 6. Celebration 7. Dream 8. Ecstasy 9. Revelation 10. Transcendence

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.

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