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Ullr: Norse God of Winter

Anyone interested in a bronze version of the 14" high by 20 inch long by 12 inch wide maquette should contact me for a quote.This was a proposal for a public work in response to a Request for Proposal for a sculpture of Ullr. My view of the Norse God Ullr breaks with some stereotypical images. My Ullr is a man in his 30s (not an old man with a long flowing gray beard). After all, Ullr was very athletic. No horned helmet (that's strictly a Wagnerian opera idea). He is on skis doing a telemark turn to express the early days of skiing but still relatable to today's skiers and boarders. It also harkens to a time when [town name redacted] was founded. Ullr uses a single pole (rather than the typical ski poles) because: 1) it has more historical accuracy, 2) it is a bit unusual and thereby inviting the question of the history of skiing, and 3) it is a composition tool in relation to the opposite angle of his bow (as he was also the God of Hunting). I saw this Ullr cast bronze with a classic brown patina. The "snow" as a variations of white patina.Skiing hard and well, Ullr is placed on top of a large pedestal covered with white mosaics with glistening snowflakes design. The base was seen as having a wood-like seating. The figure of Ullr, if he were standing would be about 9 feet tall. Ullr is set on the base asymmetrically with part of the bronze element breaking through the plane of the base top to create a sense of dynamic movement. It doesn't feel out of balance because Ullr's head is centered on the vertical axis of the base. The base is hexagonal and stands 14 feet tall. It is clad in mosaics of slightly glistening whites and grays in a pattern that continues and enhances the dynamic movement of the sculpture. In a to-be-determined location I suggest titling the work within the mosaic pattern something like "ULLR: God of Snow" or "ULLR: Lord of Winter". Seating around the base will be cantilevered (for easy cleaning), constructed of wood-alternative composite (for low maintenance). The Ullr statue will be a natural gathering spot and seating will support, photo spot.

Interested in purchasing? Please let me know through “Contact Me”. I can tell you more about the Work and answer any questions.

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